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So you’re at the stage where you are wanting to sell your work.  Perhaps like me you have a Facebook Page or website already, but as we know it takes a while to get known and drive traffic to your site and you may be thinking of selling prints through galleries.  First do a little research, visit different galleries to see what they sell, if they have any photographers already with them, or which photographers they already sell on behalf of.  Think about what sort of customers they have or market towards.  For example in my town we have two main galleries, one is very upmarket “Art” gallery the other a gallery & gift shop.  I decided to go for the Gallery / Gift store first, but rather than just turn up in an often busy shop I made sure I knew the name of the owner and rang to find out a time that suited her.  As well as taking some work in I made sure I had some business cards, laminated cards with the title of the work, what it was printed on, framed in, type of glass etc.  This makes it easier for them and also I have my website so we could look at other work rather than me having to print lots of things and risk them not taking them all.   I also made sure what I took in was different to the work of other photographers already in there.  Another really important aspect is when you are doing some research to find out what their commission is (many galleries are around 40%) so you make sure you have a clear idea of what they will need to sell it for so you make enough to cover your costs and then some profit.  This shows you are confident and makes you  easy to deal with.  Take your bank account details so they can transfer the money when pieces sell and make sure you get a receipt for each piece.  If they knock you back on some work, find out what they want and take something else in, or try another place.  Don’t give up easily.

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Fine Art Printing

Finding a Fine Art Printing Company

In this day and age of social / multimedia platforms for sharing images I discovered that getting images ready for photographic exhibitions, photographic competitions & for selling through Galleries was a whole different ball game.

The first step for me was to sort out a printer.  With so many companies advertising on the web and via email with “special” deals I tried a few out.  Unfortunately even with a couple reprinting my work 2-3 times, the neither the quality nor consistency was up to the standard I required for my photographic images.  So I made a list of what I needed in a print company:

  • Easy to communicate with 
  • New Zealand based
  • Quality fine art papers & canvas
  • High standard of print ink
  • Add on services such as mounting
  • Their own high standards
  • Helpful & professional advice

I looked on the web for companies that appeared to fit my list, then I made contact with them, visited them to see printed product, feel the papers & Canvases available, talk about who their clients were etc.

I managed to find a company that fitted all this pretty well and the added bonus was that he is also a photographer. This was highly beneficial when I sent through an image for printing that I had thought was fine but John came back to me saying he had noticed some “banding” in the top corner.  It took me a while to find, but yes, there it was.  Most companies would have just printed what was sent through without inspection or thought.  So I realised then how lucky I was to have found John at Print Art.

It is always harrowing to send your images through to another photographer for printing (well for me it was) but comments like “loving your work” really helped my confidence.  For my first exhibition I was producing photographic images for 2 categories “People” and “Other”.  The amount of time taken on creating the right image, editing and selecting was considerable so I wanted them printed on high quality papers that suited the images and mounted for display.  Once they had all been sent off and confirmation received that they were on the courier I felt like a little kid waiting for Christmas to arrive and was completely excited when they did!  Well wrapped and boxed I was overjoyed when I unwrapped them.  There is something to be said about seeing images printed with care and quality that you can stand back and admire.  A feeling I had lost with so much time spent in the digital world.

So get out there and give it a try yourself, you might be surprised by the new or added enthusiasm it gives you and the difference it makes to how you capture an image or even what you capture.

Karen McLeod

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Karen McLeod Photography specializes in Fine Art images for your home, business, restaurant, cafe & stock images for brochures, websites, Annual Reports etc.

Please feel free to browse the Gallery & purchase if you desire.  If there is an image you wish in a different size, archival paper or frame then connect with me to arrange and we will endeavor to accommodate you.

Stock images are also available for use and if you require product images to be taken, we can do that too.

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